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Book Wars: John B. Thompson´s new book; Buchvorstellung und Podiumsdiskussion mit John Thompson am 10. Mai

Herzliche Einladung zu einer virtuellen Veranstaltung am Montag, 10. Mai um 15.00 h

Book Wars: John B. Thompson´s new book and Amazon as a central challenge to European-style book cultures

Recording available: https://video.uni-mainz.de/Panopto/Pages/Viewer.aspx?id=8fd0cb53-91db-40e1-85db-ad2b010d0dad

– The author in a panel discussion with Alexandra Geese, Hermann Eckel and Christoph Bläsi –

John B. Thompson´s new book „Book Wars. The Digital Revolution in Publishing“ (Polity, 2021) takes a few central struggles of the last years (e.g. around Google Book Search or agency pricing for ebooks) as points of departure to describe and analyse in great depth what digitisation means for the anglo-american (trade) book business. John Thompson´s account is based not least on hundreds of interviews with people on both sides of the Atlantic, with among others publishers, writers, and start-up entrepreneurs. Insights of the book include that ebooks themselves are not the central game changer in this transformation, that audiobooks and self-publishing are truly groundbreaking developments and that – in the words of the CEO of a large US trade publisher – the power of Amazon is the single biggest issue in publishing, mainly because Amazon´s data-driven ´machine´ controls the visibility of books to a large extent.

We are happy to announce that on May, 10th, 15.00 h CEST John Thompson will introduce his book to the German audience. Following this introduction, a panel with the author, Alexandra Geese (Member of the European Parliament / Greens), Hermann Eckel (Thalia, Tolino Alliance) and Christoph Bläsi (Book Studies, Johannes Gutenberg University; moderator) will shed light on issues raised in the book under a German perspective and in doing so touch the question what can be done so that the power of Amazon as the „single biggest issue in publishing“ will not harm European-style book cultures.

John Thompson: https://www.jesus.cam.ac.uk/people/john-thompson
Alexandra Geese: https://en.alexandrageese.eu/
Hermann Eckel: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hermann-eckel/

Date: Monday, Mai 10th
Time: 15.00 h CST

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